Theme Reminder - Community Critique

Posted by Justin Case — 16 May 2011

Just a note to remind all our fantastic photogs about the Community Critique theme.

If you've got a shot that you want to get feedback on, this is a great theme to post to.

Understanding what others think of your work can help you grow as a photographer, so this is a space for people to receive or give constructive criticism.

Please remember, though, that this is a place for people to feel safe about posting their work. Please be honest but constructive about your thoughts/comments.

By the same token, if you're not submitting, but you've got insight and some desire to give others useful feedback about their work, please check in on the theme and let submitters know your thoughts!

Check out some recent work from this theme that might get your feedback flowing:

by Jessica Phan

Willow in the rain ~ For Andrea by Patty Gross  

Upright by Paul Revans

Recycle by Alex Dolan

Bienvenue! by Shannon Jahrling

Shinning thru by Clinton Brentwood Lee

I N D I S C R E T E by did

Freedom of Music by Tiffany Moore

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