JPG Versus - Matchups = Discovery and Points!

Posted by Justin Case — 29 Jun 2011

One of the cool new features here at is the head-to-head photo matchups found at JPG Versus.

If you haven't checked this out yet (or in awhile), you should take a look. Members have written to us to let us know that this is one of the greatest ways to check out images they've missed and is not only very addictive and engaging, but shows images that they may never have known to look for in the first place.

Here are a few recent match-up 'victors' that caught our eye:

Sound of Silence by Dara Mulhern

fishing by steve boutwell

Little River Falls by Lori Walden

Morning Mist by Barrie Brewer

Sailors Memorial Hall by Roland Hasseleid

Dont look Down by Corryn Goldschmidt

Green Cristina by Enrique Freaza Viera

Peacock by Eric Williamson

Awaiting planning permission by Jo Fedora

Zapatones by Rebeca Saray Gude

Ivanhoe Crossing by Adrian Broughton

Born Again by Ophélie Garcia

You've got the look.... by Alexander Beck

One thing to consider is that as you 'play' (rate and choose match-up winners), you accrue points. Why would you want to do this? We'd love to tell you, but ... well ... as it is a matter of national (or at least site-wide) security, we won't (yet). All we'll say is that it IS a good thing to rate images AND get more Versus points.

So don't waste any time. Check out JPG Versus and pick the images you like best in the match-ups. In addition to cool stuff coming that will use the points system, the more ratings we get, the more we can start to sift and sort and report on the best and most loved images across the site! How cool is that? New ways to surface, rise to the top as it were...

Stay tuned! Lots more to come.

HEY... Get rating!

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