Shoot Out - Where in the World?

Posted by Justin Case — 22 Jun 2011

Our latest official JPG Shoot Out contest takes us on a magical journey to all the mystical destinations our members can find and shoot. This latest Shoot out, "Where in the World...?", asks you to submit your photos of the places that you love or that inspire you.

With great shots of natural landmarks, architecture, serene bodies of water, and more, we've had a lot to look at. Here are a few that I thought you'd enjoy:

End of the Day by Pamela Haberman

Paradise ! by paul parent

Sunset Over Milky Bay by Marcello Vicente

Inundated Beach by Feather Forestwalker

Love in the Fall by Steve Coleman

12 Apostles by Stephanie Cursio

Horsetail Falls in Winter by Jenna Vee

Vegas got Nuked by Andrew Graham

A BLue Banks Lake by Stephanie Hammer

Places that inspire us, comfort us, define us and sometimes refine us are among the most active submissions to most themes and challenges on the site. We expect tons more great images. Keep 'em coming! When voting opens, it's sure to be a mad dash!

As with all JPG Shoot Out contests, Where in the World...? can be switched from 'open for entries' to 'open for voting' (which will mean no new entries will be allowed once voting begins) at any time.

Shoot Out is a great way to challenge yourself and potentially win a great cash prize. Show us your ideas and visions of the signs of the times in Where in the World...? ...get started today.

You can enter as often as you'd like. Each Shoot Out has a 'starting' cash prize pool. From there, as entries go up, those cash prize values may rise. So encourage your friends, family and associates to jump in! The more the merrier...

With so many inspiring places to shoot, you should always be able to find new and compelling shots to enter!

Show us yours!

Happy shooting!

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