Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock

Posted by Justin Case — 6 Jul 2011

It's been a busy holiday-shortened week (already), and we know many of you have been furiously loading your digital cards with amazing images... but we wanted to drop a quick alert amidst the din of the season to let you know that one of the JPG Shoot Out Contests will be making a last call early next week.

So... what does this mean? Why are we launching this little informational tidbit out onto the Interwebs?

Here's the thing... We want to give a 'heads-up' since this whole JPG Shoot Out Contests thing is still sorta new. We want to go easy on these first few and keep folks updated as to what's coming up. As we all get used to the 'rules of the road' so to speak, we'll take off the training wheels and let it rip.

But... since this is the first of the JPG Shoot Out Contests that has gone to voting mode, we wanted to gently remind our amazing contributors who have already uploaded/entered and those who still want to...

We are going to announce on Monday that one of the JPG Shoot Out Contests is making a 'last call' for entries. How long will this last call be? Well, we're not going to tell you that... Fun and games, you know!

Bottom line is that once we make the last call, it may be mere hours... or maybe days... before that JPG Shoot Out switches to "VOTING" status, at which time no more entries will be accepted and users will be only allowed to vote. At that point, you want to get everyone you know (and all those you don't, yet, know) to vote for your entered images. The community will choose the winners, so even if you don't have an entry, we need you to get into the voting and help choose the winners, who will split the cash prizes (as per the JPG Shoot Out Contest details).

We've also got a couple of cool new JPG Shoot Out Contests in the works, we'll be announcing the next shortly.

If you've got ideas for a great JPG Shoot Out Contest, drop us a note and let us hear about it.... You may be eligible for a prize of your own for suggesting a JPG Shoot Out Contest that goes live!

So... what are you waiting for? Jump over to JPG Shoot Out Contests and get your entries in. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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