Best of Photo Challenge: Working for a Living

Posted by Troy Hickok — 8 Aug 2011

Enjoy our picks from the Working for a Living challenge.

Untitled by Caleb McCreary

"The Real Grey's Anatomy" by Raje Esteban

from: "A day in a slaughterhouse: that's why I've become a vegetarian......" by francesco scipioni

Workers in Chile by Cat Kustes

Tread the Winding Road by Godek Apotas

Untitled by Esra Eralp

Tattoo Studio by Eduado Rosa

Hello !! by André

Unloading Nets, Provincetown by Jim Lustenader

Last Welding by Ming Tong

195 / 365 by Ruzanna Shortstuffyan

My Sister : Juilliard by Meg C

violin player by Isaac Tsahi Moscovich

Coney Island Photographer by Paul

The Artist's Studio by Claire Crocker

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