New Shoot Out - YUMMY! - Open for Entries

Posted by Justin Case — 17 Sep 2011

The This is How We Roll... Shoot Out photo contest still drawing entries and still growing its prize, but we wanted to launch another new photo contest!

So we've just launched the newest Shoot Out, YUMMY!.

The look of the food we eat can have an incredible impact on our perception of its taste, or - for that matter - whether we taste it at all!

We're starting the prize at $50. There will only be one winner. The more images entered, the more the prize will grow (after it crosses the 'starting' threshold). The last 2 contests had prizes that grew in value to well over $100 (with the addition of the new rolling camera bag to the contest taking the prize value well over $400), so let's see where this one ends up!

This Shoot Out photo contest will be a 'sprint', meaning that it will only be open a short time. If you want to enter, do it fast. The more entries, the more that prize amount can grow... but we're not leaving it open for months or even weeks, so get moving!

As with all JPG YUMMY! can be switched from 'open for entries' to 'open for voting' (which will mean no new entries will be allowed once voting begins) at any time.

There may or may not be a 'last call'.

Shoot Out is a great way to challenge yourself and potentially win a great cash prize. So show us your delectable edibles... today.

You can enter as often as you'd like. Each Shoot Out photo contest has a 'starting' cash prize pool. From there, as entries go up, those cash prize values may rise. So encourage your friends, family and associates to jump in!

Happy Shooting~!

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