Best of Photo Challenge: Road Trip

Posted by Toby Morrison — 3 Oct 2011

Grab a companion and head down the road for a little sightseeing extravaganza. While you're at it, take some photos and show us something unique that you discovered along the way!

Below are our favorite pictures submitted to the Photo Challenge: Road Trip

a windy day at Cadillac Ranch by Autumn Marie Erickson

step by step by Maks Dyeyev

standing truck by luthfie lazuardy

Lacy Peaks by Gergely Horváth

Personal Space, the Final Frontier by Peter Kurdulija

Spinning to Adventure by Rita Spiegel

Mai Châu by Thomas Teo

Medina Moon by Diana Young

Sunny Afternoon by Todd Edson

Only you by Giovanni Ferraro

Hwy 178 by Ryan Notch

Shane -- Come back Shane! by Oregon Curly

Curve Ahead by Jesse McClear

Rainbow Road by Robert Parent

sunrise refuge by Tim E

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