Enter ANY Image In Photo Contests Easily!

Posted by Justin Case — 8 Nov 2011

Have you noticed, browsing the site over the last couple of weeks that (very nearly) every image has a red button above it in the upper-left corner (right next to the spotlight button)?


That new button "Enter Shoot Out" is a button that allows anyone (the photographer or any registered site user) to submit that image to any open Shoot Out photo contest.

Huh? What? Why?

Easy. Since we've started the Shoot Out photo contests, users have asked us to make it easier for them to submit their images that were already uploaded. This button can be used by users to submit any of their (own) images to any open Shoot Out photo contest.

BUT, we wanted to make it easy for other users (besides the submitting photographer) to also enter images that they come across while browsing the site into any open Shoot Out photo contest. Why? Think of it as another way to 'compliment' the work of photographers you appreciate. Like Spotlight, this Enter Shoot Out button is a way for you to 'show the love'. You're entering the image in a contest by paying the entry fee (so the submitting photographer is entered to win without paying the fee)!

What do you get for this? If you've got a great eye and you submitted the image that wins a contest (that isn't your own shot), you get 15% of the prize (and the photographer that shot and uploaded the image gets the other 85% of the prize). After all, you should get something, since it was your pick, action (to enter it) and money (to pay the entry fee), right?

If you haven't tried this and you spend hours on JPG and you wish you had a good reason to tell your spouse why you spend so much time on the site... Now you have one! You can browse images, pick great entries, and win money! In fact, it's a pretty cool way to spend time... browsing through over 2 million images and entering great images for a shot to share the cash prize with the member who shot the image...

Now, of course, we realize that SOME photographers won't want others to enter their images in contests (although, with a shot to win the cash prize without footing the entry bill, we can't imagine WHY?!). So... if you'd prefer not to have your images entered into the Shoot Out photo contests by other users, you can opt-out in your profile.

To clear up any questions all of this might raise, you can check out the FAQs, under "Contests".

Have some fun with this - show the photographers who shoot images you love just how much you appreciate their work by either spotlighting it or entering it in a Shoot Out photo contest!

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