Best of Photo Challenge: Wise and Organized

Posted by Toby Morrison — 2 Jan 2012

To arrange, systematize, catalog, or have deliberate structure. Here are your best of selections from the photo challenge Wise and Organized.

Ataxophobia by Oihane Molinero

Organized cookies by wijnand loven

Three Cats in Order by Denise Regan

[ ////// ] by Riccardo Romano

Spear Head by mark lee

Skymas by Simon Gardiner

Your pair by Bert Happel

Colorful fleet by Angel Arocho

Untitled by Aaron Schwartz

rhythm by Walburgis Meijers

STEADY by Marlon Dela Rosa

Sand in the City - Vienna by Gerhard Beck

I wish I had a cupcake for everyday of the year. by Sara Fields

Cars by Vincent Sandoval

Waiting ... by Carlo Pagan

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