Best Of Photo Challenge: Sound Bites

Posted by Toby Morrison — 5 Apr 2012

Picture this sound... marching feet, gun fire, or a screaming siren.   Featuring photographs of sound and the things that make them. 

After listening to each of the photos submitted, here are the best of selections for the photo challenge Sound Bites.

BOY'S AND BALLOON'S by Katherine Nak

Djembe drummer by Lewis Simon

Drawing down.... by John Carlow

Classroom cringe by Nadeem Shafi

ocean fury by hannecke gustavo

A fire eater at a street festival next to canal Saint-Martin by David Henry

Spinnin wax by Bernie Walls

time-traveling /scream by Agnieszka Sulikowska

HEAR YE...HEAR YE... SHIPS AHOY!!! by Andrea Petersen

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice by Ashley King

The Sound of Water Says What I Think by Pamela Haberman

Kyoshi Nagata by Antonello Incagnone

Work by Kevin Kott

Hydra by Kurt Brennan

Traffics. by Pepa Donate

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