Best Of Photo Challenge: Take A Seat

Posted by Toby Morrison — 23 Apr 2012

A few weeks ago Mike Melnotte submitted a story featuring a series of empty seats, which prompted us to ask, "Do you have a special chair in your life?"

We're still not sure what attracts us to pictures of chairs.  Maybe it's the thought of relaxing after a long day of work or the memories that a certain style of chair, bench or couch brings to mind -- Maybe neither.  One thing is certain, we're surrounded by chairs of all styles and sizes just about everywhere, and we think they're very photogenic.  Here are your best of selections for the photo challenge: Take A Seat

On a bench seat under the tree by Tom Hazeltine

Spaniard by Scott Russell

Lily in Concert by Joseph Brunjes

The Glitter by Danielle Herzog

not know each other by luthfie lazuardy

Twins on the beach by Jorge Reis

Darzees Chair of Truth by Jose Laurencio Lopez

Untitled (Salton Sea) by Charles Darr

Salton Sea Throne by TJ Jepson

To the discontented man no chair is easy by Branko Kovacic

meeting point by Indra Widi

A peculiar bar by Ludovic Sirtaine

Untitled by Sarah Lee

field room by chris kaan

still seats available by Georg Krewenka

Family by francesco scipioni

Rothko@SFMOMA by Nuno de Oliveira

chair by Marcus Viljoen

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