The Light vs. The Dark - Part II

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Apr 2012

Welcome to the second part of "The Light vs.The Dark", a 2-part blog series in which we're looking at high and low key lighting in photography. If this is your first time you've heard (or, rather, read) anything on JPG on this subject, let me take this moment to catch you up. Part one of "The Light vs.The Dark" was about high key light and how it can transform a picture into a serene almost ethereal image.  In this 2nd part, we're going to take a look at low key lighting. 

Perusing the site, there are countless amazing low key image examples.  I've pulled from the images I found a few of the more striking JPG member submitted images that are great examples of low key lighting. In low key light, high levels of black envelope the image, surrendering the subject to shadow, giving the image mystery and perhaps in some cases an ominous quality.

BYURRR..!!! by Alamsyah Rauf

ghostly by Tom Harvey

flamingo by FAHAD BAHADA

Black & White by Dav Akers

P366/100 budding buddies by Karen Elizabeth tan

Caterpillar by Mike Melnotte

The Matrix by Ana Red

Flowers by Benoit Courti

Sorrow by Scott Spychalski

Artistic B&W by Michael Abrams

Thanks for stopping by for a look at these featured low key light shots.  Of course, these are but a small collection of the great low key lighting examples 'round the site, I'd challenge you to find others... images that touch you or inspire you and share them with us.  By all means, if you have captured great low key shots or know someone within the community that has, please call-out in the comments or spotlight the images on JPG!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and see your images!

(and if you haven't yet read The Light vs. The Dark - Part I, on high key lighting, be sure to check it out!)

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