Animal Prints - Paws for Effect

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 2 May 2012

Capturing an animal's spirit, in or out of their habitat is a commendable act. Whether showing a bird's grace in flight, or bearing witness to the personality of a gorilla through its somber gaze, or perfectly encapsulating the unconditional love of a young canine, these are all moments that connect us to the wild kingdom.

This post is dedicated to our wild, furry, and feathery friends who are celebrated right here among the millions of images on JPG.  Take a peek at a few of my favorites:

Malo waiting for dinner by Hanmi Meyer

Elephant by Bugsy Teo Jenn Yue

Wingspan II by Jeff Johannsen

snow white... by Hector Ortiz

Outside The Box by Baldur Tryggvason

Cow by Gary Palm

Laying Lioness by Andrew (AJ) Lee

Dreaming a little dream by Luca Driusso

Santa Barbara Zoo by Jim Shoemaker

giraffe by Francis Augustine

There are so many creatures on this marvelous planet, of myriad different shapes and sizes, but they all have something in common, a life force - the essence of which the opportune photographer can capture and share.

Please share your favorite photographs of the wild or domesticated creatures you've captured with links to your JPG images in the comment area or leave a note on what you thought of this blog post.

Can't wait to hear from you and see your shots!

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