Bike Month

Posted by Cathaleen Curtiss — 15 May 2012

There is something nostalgic about a bike.  It brings back joyful memories of our childhood, exhausting journeys to work, a romantic picnic on the side of a country road or the exhilaration of a bike race.  Many of us have memories of learning to ride a two-wheeler, taking a spin to the country store to get a cool drink on a warm summer day or searching for a place in the bike rack at the university. Remember clipping cards to the spokes of your wheels, streamers on your handlebars or taking your pet for a ride in the basket.

Bicycles can be a lifeline to the outside world and an escape from the rat race. Whether you live on a country road or on a city street, a bicycle can be an important part of your livelihood. It can be your ride to the office or a ride to the beach, a trusted means of transportation and sometimes a lawn decoration. 

A bike is so much more than a way to arrive at a destination, it lets you hear the birds, wave to your neighbor, smell the new mowed grass and feel the warm sunshine on your face, it is an experience,.

Round and Round by Cindy Armanini

Stopped for tea by Mike D.

bike race by Joseph Rasch

Clyde's New Ride! by Ryan Hebert

Amsterdam parking lot by juan felipe rubio

red bicycle and rice fields by A Rhaditstya Putra

Bike by Sarah HoffmRyan Hebert 

Sunday morning bike by Nancy Whalen

On your bike... by Phil Clarke

bicycle on the beach by Victoria Perelet

handlebars by Pietro Zuco


Green transport by joe navin

Criterium2 by Jared Sorrells

In 1923, the first Bike Week was held in England. May is National Bike Month in the United States. Many cities and communities across the US are holding special events to celebrate biking. Join us in celebrating the bicycle, share your photos and wear a helmet.

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