Come into Flower

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 May 2012

One of my favorite areas of interest in black and white photography is the macro shot. The up-close experience of a subject under close scrutiny, exposing all of its most intricate details - texture, dynamic light and hovering shadows, all of which create a very tactile experience. Within the broad scope of macro photography, one of my most beloved is the still life of flowers.

This week, I have truly enjoyed picking through the vast JPG garden of images to bring you a sampling of my favorite black and white macro blooms.

Untitled by dimas sediyatmo

Black and white. by jennifer jolliffe

Flower by Hans-Jürgen Sommer

Stark by Jennie Pence

Untitled by Laurent Bourlier

Lost by Leah Garton

Untitled by gino di meglio

Spring 2012 by Bert Happel

Mums the Word II by Julie Thurgood

Calla Lilly by Anthony Beals

And, now, begging your indulgence, one of my own:

vivid night by Shayla Simmons

A flower can be such a simple subject, yet when photographed with tender loving care, yields far more complexities than the eye ever seems to capture on its own.

Show us your macro shots of a favorite flower and share your thoughts on macro photography by uploading to the site and posting in comments, both links to some favorites (your own or others') and any thoughts on the topic!

Can't wait to hear back!

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