Congrats to the Grads!

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 23 May 2012

With every passing year, another group of students march forward - advancing to the next platform of their lives. Whether it is the young school child, advancing a grade or the 70 year-old Masters student on the way to their next degree, the world will see many new graduates emerge with the spring. Whatever the path chosen; whether a meandering steady walk while taking in the views, or a sprint straight up the ladder of corporate success, most have worked hard for their degrees and should be celebrated for their exhausted days and sleepless nights. Cheers to you, graduates!

AI du Pont High school by Saquan Stimpson

Graduation by Lauren Farrell-Streets

marching on... by Debbie Marquardt

Graduation Day. by Natalie Sternfield

kindergarten graduation by ang litratista

Congrats To All The Grads Of 08 !!! by Ray Lopez

Seniors 2012 by Charles Gossett

Nikki Grad 3 by Jayme Reece

My Graduation by Mohd Suhaimi Ismail

Grad Girl by Elise Giordano

Stormy Graduation by Becky Saslo

Diplomacy No. 2 by Mark Cox

Happy Graduation? by iman al-dabbagh

If you know of anyone who has graduated, and you were able to grab an amazing shot, please upload your photos and post your links in the comment area. If you know someone that has an upcoming ceremony, by all means - get out and capture it and share their triumphs!


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