Degas- Ballet Re-invented

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 30 May 2012

Edgar Degas was a late 19th century French Impressionistic artist that captured the dancer of Ballet in the moment of grace, agility and elegance.  The art of Ballet and its picturesque movement has been alluring to many over time, and stands out right here, within the JPG community.  I was able to discovery an array of stunning images and would like to take this opportunity to share a photographic re-invention of Degas and his Ballet.

... by SofiG

lost again by Maximillian Tortoriello

Tension by Anvin Hoo

ballet by Maris Ojasuu

Backstage Moscow Ballet Dancer by Carl Kuntze

sail ... by Prajwal Bhattarai

Before the Performance by Stephan Hoglund

Ayano Spinning by Shikijaku Billy

Angels by Enik� L�rinczi

ballerina 2 by Iris Anam Cara

Ballet 3 by Keith Willette

English National Ballet by yoanam2

Winnipeg Royal Ballet by Donald Buchanan

If you are allured by the art of the ballet dancer please share your favorite image that you have taken or point out one that you love that has been taken by another JPG photographer.  Love to see your images and read your thoughts on these and the many breath taking shots of ballet.


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