Best of Photo Challenge: Centered Composition

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Jun 2012

Placement of the subject within! While looking at a scene through your viewfinder, you'll probably see several choices for positioning your subject: left, right, high, or low. One of the most widely used rules of placement is the rule of thirds.

Inspired by a previous Story of the Week selection written by Gary Joseph Cohen, we're rejecting the coveted rule of 3rds and asking you to submit any photo where the main subject is smack dead in the center of your composition.

Geee by Griff Johnson


Eva.Don by ZoharLindenbaum

Tulip Srinagar, Kashmir India by Harsh Wardhan

his little hand by Sally Jaeggin

 Fragile by francesco scipioni

hamilton pier by Ian Pettigrew

 Tethered by Liam Philley

Push by Jonathan Phillips

Eye of Fluorescence by Dallas Nord

400 in the Center by Alamsyah Rauf

What's up there?? by mark lee

Guatemala Man by Douglas Stevens

Candy Heart by Nugraha Kusuma

Staring by Nicolas Zonvi Photo

Entrance by Ted Anderson

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