Its All In the Details

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 20 Jun 2012

"Will you marry me?"  The proposal is a very wonderful moment, yet, not nearly as exciting as preparing for the big day.  Picking out the colors, flowers, cake and the dress for the breathtaking event are just a handful of tasks that a bride to be must concern herself with.  In this first part of "Its All In The Details," we'll take a look at our very own JPG contributors and their photographs that focus on these little special touches that bring magic and romance to such an extraordinary occasion.

Wedding cake by Crystal Nicole


Untitled by Kimberly

Wedding bands by Thomas Bouve

Wedding Cake by Jesse Yardley


Her Wedding Day. by

Wedding Rings by Rachel Matthews

Down the Aisle by Theo Civitello

The Bridal Party by ashley deyoung

Gown by Becky Reams

Will You... by Awdrey Hamilton

A photographer's role in a wedding is a very special one, he/she has the power to capture a very real and special moment that will be treasured for a very long time and what they can create with the smallest details can make the world of difference for the bride.

Show us your favorite details - whether it be colors, flowers or the delicious cake that is about to be devoured. Join the discussion by adding a few of your favorite JPG contributor's photos or one of your own.  If you, like me, simply found too many to choose just one, create a collection and share that link with us in comments to peruse!

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