Looking Up...

Posted by Cathaleen Curtiss — 22 Jun 2012

Looking up... Stop and look up, you may be amazed.

looking at you looking at me by Patrick Hemingway

It can mean so many different things.
1. To look up something: Search for online, in a dictionary or other source.
2. To call on or visit: I will look up my friends in NYC.
3. To become better or improve: Things are finally looking up.
4. To admire or respect: Everyone looks up to my father.
5. To look upward: To see what is above you.

But for this post it means just this. Don't forget to look up!

Looking up by Liliana Gal

Recently a friend, commented on one of my daily photo posts "I like how you look up at your surroundings, so few of us do that enough..." 

Thumbnail image for looking up ceilings.jpg

It made me reflect on how true that can be. We get so busy going from point A to point B that we forget to stop and look around, yet alone look up.

Look up by Steven Scarborough

So often there is beauty to be seen just above our heads. It can provide a perspective that may be more interesting, an angle others might miss or a chance to soak in a beautiful day. Take a look at our themes "Ant's Eye View" or "Unexpected Perspective" for a plethora of fun shots looking up.

Look at yourself by om er

This is a reminder that we all need to take that time. Stopping to look up at the ceiling in the subway station, the bank while your rushing about or the trees as you walk to work can make all the crazy errands so much more rewarding. OR be so brave as to stretch out on the nearest lawn and look at the clouds. You will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty just overhead.

Looking Toward Heaven by Dennis Burlingham

Looking Up by robert smith

  Looking Up by bryon landerman

Why not surprise the rest of us and share your own favorite photo that shows your life looking up!

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