Askew With a View

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Jul 2012

The world is a fascinating place.  However, as we age, it seems to get easier to take the world and its beauty for granted.  People really don't look at places or things in awe, as a child would.  Luckily, thanks to photographers, the world is captured with new and unique views every day. 

For example, the fish-eye lens in photography lets the viewer experience an ordinary place or thing in a new way.  For some, the fish-eye lens may make the viewer feel trapped in a tiny box looking out a peep hole, only to heighten their phobia of enclosed spaces.  To many, this view can enhance the image almost like a child peering into a new world, imagining and exploring.

Fisheye Crossing by Martha Jo Killebrew

Untitled by delfraissy laurent

subway fisheyed by Julia Yusupov

Fisheye view of Providence, Rhode Island by !$ Paul Louis Yacovone

Fisheye downtown Kansas City by Aaron Lindberg

Hotel??? by Marcos Adachi

Fisheye by Andrew Gregg

DSC_5960 by Devon Murphy

Suspended by Melissa Speelman

Fish-eye lenses are but a single way to get a 'view askew'. What are your favorites?

Please upload your askew views or your favorite fish-eye to the site and share the link with us in the comments, below.  Or, if you find a great 'askew view' from a JPG user, as you browse the millions of images on the site, post the link below in the comment area, and tell us what you like most about the image.

Can't wait to see what you share!

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