Best of Photo Challenge: Art Crimes

Posted by Toby Morrison — 23 Jul 2012

Common everywhere, yet welcome nowhere, graffiti is displayed on both public and private venues.  Graffiti art can vary in style from a simple spray of text to a magnificent mural worthy of being displayed in some of the world's most prestigious art galleries.  Themes of violence, religion, local and pop culture are often depicted via cartoon scenes, portraits, fancy fonts and calligraphy-like messaging.  The uniqueness of graffiti art is often a one of a kind work. Unlike photographs, street art doesn't always last forever.  Next time you're walking down the street and you find yourself fascinated by a piece of art on the side of a building, garbage can, or garage door - take advantage of the opportunity.  It is likely that the graffiti might not be there next time you're down that way.  The following photos are our selections for the best of photo challenge Art Crimes.

I pressed the fire control... by Chrisso Newton

'Her Canvas Was Old Brick' by Lynn Harvey

quiet by Carey Dougan

Larger Than Life by Tim Beaule

fall asleep by noor eva

Untitled by Facundo Andicoechea

Trio by Photography Seven

Admiration by Jessica Toussaint

Highway rulez by Ben Mille

Neoplasticism or masonery? by wijnand loven

Hespeler Wilds by Traci Cottingham

Untitled by nema' etebar

Untitled by Danielle

The artist by Lionman87

Art Crime by Dwayne John

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