Best of Photo Challenge: Phobias and Fears

Posted by Toby Morrison — 16 Jul 2012

There are many types of phobias that exist. Some phobias are more frequently known than others such as being afraid of small tight spaces (claustrophobia) or fear of germs (mysophobia).  Here are our favorites form photo challenge - Phobias and Fears

Spiderman's View by Ferry Alayn

Untitled by Gabriel Sellers

no more chutes by Dustin Hanoski

Untitled by Lauren Faffler

some story ... by Markus Ertl

Fear Of Child Abduction! by Cindy Griff

Untitled by james birkbeck

Shall we go mom? ( Climacophobia and Scotophobia ) by Pedro Teixeira

Untitled by Rosie Liquori

That Which we often Fear by Sarah Kate

Mismatch Paranoia by KassiJo Wyatt

Current state of mind by

altophobia by Sally Jaeggin

gerascophobia... by Jason Platt

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