Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Jul 2012

It seems in our lives that all we do is rush around trying to get everything accomplished in the shortest amount of time and when we think that there might be some time to relax, we get inundated with something else.  Taking a breather seems to be a luxury for some;  the simple pleasures in life, however, should not be ignored.  You have heard the saying "when life throws you a curve ball...." (I like to end this quote with) "take a hike!

There is a lot to be said about a cleansing walk into the woods, whether it is to blow off some steam or simply let your mind wander with every step...meandering in and around the trees.

Forest by Adina Nani

Trek to Heaven by nishant kumar

Hiking by Jason Webster

Into the Woods by Stephen Himmerich

Hike by Rick Harrison

waiting for you by asha bahia

into the woods by Elizabeth Sarah Hurowitz

Hike by Matt McLoone

Into the Woods by Darla Smedley

wood by seweryn student

In the wood by Andrea Giorgi

Wood by Albert Augustin

Hiking out by jeremy tarpley

Trails by Yoann Robin

Show us some of your favorite forest treks or other JPG members' escapes into the woods!  Please leave a comment or post a link to pictures below!

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