Posted by Justin Case — 27 Jul 2012

"In nature there are few sharp lines."
~ A. R. Ammons

Lines are everywhere around us. To take a better look at the lines we encounter, we're launching a new Shoot Out photo contest - Line Up!

S Curve by Jay Getsinger

You'll find lines defining the elements in architecture, capturing the imagination on a fine automobile, evoking sensuality from a voluptuous model.

curve by D Fritschel

Lines denote geographic and topographic boundaries, cause wars and make sense of geometry.


Photographers can find so many lines to help set the perfect image. Exercising creativity, you realize that lines can be hard or soft, straight or curved, clear or opaque.

On the line by ale di gangi

To win this Shoot Out photo contest, find the lines around you and share them with us!

The prize will start at $50 and will grow with entries... So line your wallet with the prize by submitting your lines photography!

We can't wait to see how you approach this contest.

As always, the prize will grow with submissions and you can enter images shot by other members (and get a chance to win 15% of the prize, if that image wins - while the original photographer will win 85%)... so get surfing through 2.3 million images for the right shots!

Don't forget to take a look at other currently open contests and get your entries in for a shot at the cash prizes!  While you're there - cast your votes in the contests that are still open for voting and help award the prizes... Someone will thank you!

Happy shooting~!

Don't forget to tag your photos for others to notice!

Tag on JPG with #LINEUP

Tag on Twitter with #JPGLINEUP and don't forget to mention @jpgmag (wink wink).

If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or G+, Tag with #JPGHIGHCONCEPT and linking back to the original blog or contest page will help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to contribute a photo too!

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