Not Just A Bath...

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 15 Aug 2012

Bathing; we all have done it, but is that all that tub is worth?  There are so many things that can be done in a tub (and not all have to do with personal hygiene)! In a lot of the images found throughout the JPG library, the images are sinister - showing suicide, drowning or other acts of violence.  On the lighter side, many of the photographs depict conceptual ideas, comedy or the good 'ol' stand-by of cute baby-splish-splashing in pursuit of a harmonious cleanse.

Whatever the use, I'm sure you'll agree... the WOW factor in these images is worth a long soak!

drownEd ... #3 by Truong Nguyen

Christopher Robin in the Tub by Kacie Williams

Bath by Jamila Clarke

Shower Time by Nicole Goggins

dirty pretty things by Amanda Mandigo-Lewis

Album Day by Linked Ring Photography

Bath by Fox Harvard

Thomas by Jennie Clutterbuck

Out of the Wild - Self Portrait #16/52 Weeks by Rachael Koscica

Bathe In Perfection by Joy Scola

William the diver by Imants Gross

Beer Bath by Shannon Jenkins

fairy bath by Valentina Fontanella

Drowning Dreams by Kolby Schnelli

bath time mim by Cynthia Sambro-Rier

Share your takes on the bath tub, if you dare.

Whether you envision a dark scene that you're longing to bring out of the shadows for us to view, or if your preference skews to the lighter comedic side of the tub, please capture it, upload it to the site and post a link to your shot below in the comment area.  If you happen across a great JPG image or images create a collection and share the link to the images you found through the site!  We want to see the tub captured through your eyes with new light, angles, and meaning.

Enjoy your dip!!!

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