A Vivid Miniature Cosmos

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Aug 2012

There are many beautiful vibrant colors in the universe and all the intricacies of the world are far from one's imagination, but take a step back and view the world on a smaller scale...the world of a tiny insect.  They are disgusting to most people and rightfully so, with long legs, beady eyes and, sometimes, packing a powerful sting or bite.

After a close inspection of the array of macro photographs liberally submitted throughout JPG, the evidence points to a spectacular and vivid tiny world of all things creepy and crawly.

Fire and Ice: Unidentified bug by Krister Parmstrand

Bumble Bee by omid golzar

Green Bee by Tim Beaulé

You have beautiful eyes... by Prateek Verma

LadyBug by Lauren Coakley

Mantis were manicuring by Paulus Yulihardi

Exhibit A by David Alpuche

Breakfast Bee by Marc Rossmann

Ladybug by Amos Dor

maying prantis by Evan Grantski

On the Edge by Jen Millard

Stare 1... by Kurien Yohannan

Hopper by Robert R. Gaines

Butterfly by Rita Spiegel

Perfect photography opportunities are right outside your door, so take a moment before you squash that bug.  That tiny insect may make the perfect picture to hang in someone's house - or possibly get published in a magazine.  One never knows where an ant trail may lead.  So before summer ends get out and take some bug snapshots and upload them to JPG and post your links in the comments below to share them with the JPG community... and if you happen to lay your eyes on a JPGer's insect archive that you love, post a link to their image or collection below in the comment area!

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