Best Of Photo Challenge: Inside Your Fridge II

Posted by Toby Morrison — 6 Aug 2012

Our favorites from photo challenge Inside Your Fridge II

What's in There by Christopher Boswell

Not Just Milk and Juice by Dhanny P

Fridge cat by Berenice Le Gresley

Fridge Action by Bruno Bilonic

On location by Kristin Mitchell

fridge friends by christa masters

Inside my fridge by Scott Jackson

the Raw Foodist's Fridge by Eric Elsewhere

Inside My Fridge by Page Looney

SHALL I--- DARE I----- ???? by Geoff Plant

Mementos by Ann Reece

there's a little penguin in my fridge! by Sally Jaeggin

Starving Artists Antidote by Kai Streets Visuals

Get More FOOD! by Devin Hamilton

A cherry for my friends... by Davide Simone

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