Labor Day

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 29 Aug 2012

Chasing the "American Dream" drives many American workers to rise before the sun and return home only long after the sun goes down.  Long, back breaking hours take many away from their families and friends just to stay afloat.  This post is about the hard working men and women who certainly deserve to put their feet up this labor day and relax!

NY's finest on the job. by Lorna Ebert

American Worker by Joe Josephs

Workers by jaime bisbal

Some Assembly Required by Frank Ostrander

barista by Sasha Neese

 it's only a job by Paul Jones

Construction Worker by Michael Penn

Welding point by Alfio Finocchiaro

The Chef by Joel Gomez

The American People Archive. New York Portfolio. Railman on the oldest operating subway car.1969 by Alwyn Scott Turner

worker by Andrea Butti

fireman's eyes by arsen miletic

Before this Labor Day of 2012, please go out and capture new images of men and women working hard, chasing the "American dream".  Upload your images to the site and share the links in the comment area. As you find great examples browsing through JPG, please add them to a collection and share the link or simply share a link to the image(s) in the comments to this post below.

And, PLEASE... remember to have a relaxing holiday!!!

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