Design Marvels

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 22 Aug 2012

Since humans have possessed tools, there has been the need to build.  Architects and designers have created amazing feats and beautiful planes of glass, wood and concrete.  From views around the corner, above the city lights or across the street from the neighboring house, the lines and curves of these beautiful buildings have been captured by our JPG photographers in impeccable light and taste.

Chrome Building by Jon Gorr

 Harmonic progression... by Julian Escardo

Untitled by Danielle Klebes

Light, sky, people, city view by John Beara

Edge Detail by John Van Aken

Escalator by Ulf Buschmann

Into the Wind by Brett Earl

 Future Cemetery by Philippe Put

Cubic by Manu Felices

The DOME by Brendan Kelly

architecture by gerald dela cruz

fade to white by Travis McHugh

Next time you find yourself taking a walk, or coming home from work, look around and take the time to appreciate these modern landscapes - and if you have your camera with you, take the moment to capture it in a lasting image, upload them to the site and post links to your favorites below in the comment area.

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