Best of Photo Challenge: In Your Shoes

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Sep 2012

We all have them, we all wear them (most of us, that is). Shoes showcase a person's personality, occupation and lifestyle. There's a shoe for every occasion. Some serve a high profile strictly fashionable part of one's wardrobe. Others have a more practical purpose related to an individual's profession.

Shoes with a View by Austin Wondo

free fall by Samy FRANCOIS

Untitled by Kate Hodgson

Tired & Scuffed by misbah ali

me and You by Valentina Fontanella

Milk by Agata Mayer

What pretty Boots by Anthony English

Untitled by Tom Innorthga

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shoes! by Tamara Jurgens

Untitled by Tony Day

discharged by Mary Ann Andrews

 Lolita by Elizabeth Jakubisin

parking lot by Thelma Blizzard

Ballet Shoes by elle

Das Boot by james birkbeck

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