Falling for Fall

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Sep 2012

The time has come when the air becomes a little bit cooler with a bit of a bite, and the leaves change and begin to fall; autumn has arrived.  Autumn is the time to get cozy with a good book and hot chocolate, a time to take a scenic walk in the crisp air and enjoy the colors.  The season of fall kicks off the beginning of the end of the year and all the holidays that soon follow.  So get cozy and enjoy all your loved ones, because, it's going to be a beautiful fall.

Autumn Still by Barbara Socor

Autumn by Walter Graziano

When the autumn falls by Riaz Chirine

Last Leaves of Fall by Sarah Hobson

Banana Cream Pie by Kurt Brennan

harvest time again by Victor Bezrukov

Autumn by Christine Bartolucci

Autumn by Barbara Socor

autumn by Austin King

cold day remedy by Andrew Wilkinson

Autumn Row by Melissa Olsen

peek-a-boo by Kassie Keeney

Harvest by Carolyn Schaner

Fall Leaves by Bill Hubbard

autumn by Sebastian Andersson

Get on your sweaters, grab your cameras and find Autumn in your view finder and once you take that magic shot come share it with us.  After you upload to the site, post your favorites with links in the comment area below. If you stumble across great autumn shots, group them in a collection and post the link to that collection below as well!

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