Juicy Fruit

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 5 Sep 2012

Succulent berries, crisp apples, juicy citrus; fruit is nature's candy.  Refreshing taste, nutrition, and antioxidants are not the only things that this good-for-you food is all about...fruit is also fun to photograph.  You can capture it in its natural habitat or bring it into the studio, keeping it whole or dicing it up, it can be a very fun and mouth watering shoot!

Delicious pavement by Raven Angelov

Grapefruit by Megan Horsburgh

Inside Melon by Eric Haberin

Raspberries and blueberries by Micah Beree

Cherries by Jorge Toro

Peaches by Ed Hebert

fruit by meghan robinson

fruits by Stanislaw Weslawski

Strawberry by Marcus Sie

cherries by Allen Freeman

citrus time by Natalya Belenko

Smacking your lips with tasty enjoyment? Upload your best shot to the site and please submit your fruit photo and/or collection link in the comment area below...

Can't wait to 'taste' the 'fruits of your labor'!


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