Photo Challenge: Street Performer

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 16 Sep 2012

Beyond the shuffle of hurried feet and traffic there is another beat to the city streets; the street performer.

The Scottish Piper by mark lee

por una cabeza by Valentina Fontanella

Summertime Drummers by Zapit

"Player" - Heidelberg, Germany by Franklin Donahoe

Gabriel Angelo by wendy stevenson

Balancing act by Samantha Olander

Play me a song by Kellie

Spitfire by Grethel Ulang

Top Hat Busker by Valerie Rosen

Charmed! by Jonathan Slater

Take my hand by Andra P

Art fair musician by Sabot Images

Rock the traffic jam by Ev Henke

The Performer by Mervyn Dublin

Thoft, NYC...2 by Fernando Cortez

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