Windows To The Soul

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Sep 2012

Many say the eyes are windows to the soul and while that may be just a saying, the eyes do convey messages; messages of sadness, anger, love or even loneliness, any of which can be seen in an instant and be gone the next.  A person's body language and words say a lot about what a person is thinking, but in their eyes may be the real truth staring back at you.  There were many great JPG images of eyes that told a particular story; we found many great examples of anger, loneliness, sadness, happiness, and some with a little mischief.

Look through my eyes by Heaven Man

Blue eyed in Black & White by erin perkins

looking through the eyes by zaldz cayanan

henry, 2009. by Caitlin Worthington

my Sarah.... by federico erra

i am angry with u by Jacquie Tappia

Anger by irfan intekhab

Tears of happiness..No Regrets!! by Fahad Abro

Out of the Darkness by Christina Santiago

 No Tears by Cary Silverman

tears... by Nikola Matovina

In My Daughter's Eyes by Stephanie Hammer

dry your tears by Dine Lao

Purity by Yueshi Zhang

Take a look around JPG and make a collection of your favorite images with the focus on eyes and post the link to your collection in the comment area below.  If you have any photographs of eyes in your own personal arsenal of images please upload them and share the links below, too!

We will be keeping an EYE on you and your fantastic work!

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