Photo Challenge: Interior Architectural Design

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 7 Oct 2012

For this challenge it was all about Interior Architectural Design; fancy hotel lobbies, sleek indoor spas, somewhere with clean lines, marvelous textures and exquisite lighting.

An Alien Place... in Zurich by Massimo Bardelli

 entry way by A. Davis

Interior 203 by KassiJo Wyatt

The Organist by Burnell Yow!

Abadia Este by Joana D'Assumpção

Stack by mark yugawa

le bon marché paris by Ev Henke

Portland Hotels by Leslie Hunziker

grien by Michaela K.

Reflections on a Mall by Phil Cole

The Tube by Elena Baroni

Madrid Airport by Spiffy Tumbleweed

light and line by I see you 1971

going up ! by Robert Versteegen

Reichstag Kuppel by Jan Tito

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