A Mouth To...

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Oct 2012

A mouth to...

...kiss, to smile, to frown.  There are many ways to photograph the mouth.  In this photo focus, the concentration of the mouth is more of a superficial, commercial take.  Scouring the JPG images, there were many colorful mouths eating, or lips frosted with sugar and the motive for picking these images was based on their color, texture, and arrangement rather then an emotion or depth of the content.

taste of liquid by carolina hernandez

mayo by Sarah Thielke

Poison by Ciara D'Anella

Octo by Cris Alex

Candy by Diana Cretu

la bouche en coeur by Fred MARTIN

Lips Like Sugar by Miranda Adria

Lips by Henriette Martinsen

NO by Ciara D'Anella

Sugar Lips by Heather Reid

Hey, Sugar Lips! by Rachel Goldman

We invite you to capture new ways to showcase the mouth in a simple, colorful and textural way.  These images don't require hidden agendas or depth.  Upload your shots and share links in the comments below.  If you come across any on the site that you would like to share, make a collection and post the link to the collection in the comment area below!

Can't wait to 'taste' your shots! ;)

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