A Bridge To Cross

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 27 Oct 2012

Bridges are among the greatest achievements of mankind.  From the futuristic designs to the weight they bear, bridges are an engineering marvel, at the very least.  It's not just in architecture and stature, however, is the bridge so great, but also in their ability to bring people together - both literally and metaphorically.  Towns, cities, and even countries can be brought together by a bridge and that is just in the literal manifestation.   Bridges have been used in poetry, song and even proverbs.  A bridge is a mighty strong thing and even more memorable when we can build one together.


Lost in the Fog by Michael Penn

The Bridge by Kjell Pettersen

bridge by Jérémy Clercq

Bridge to a Bridge by William Dais

manhattan bridge by Julia Yusupov

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge by Adrian Cepeda

Golden Gate by Hengki Koentjoro

The Mist by James O 

Juncture by Jonathan Stead

Mesi Bridge by Alexandria Dickerson

Love bridge by Horia Manolache

Suspension bridge over the Houston Ship Channel by Ann Reece

My bridge by Antonio Bagorro

Bixby Bridge by Lee Tonks

So get out and capture your favorite bridge - upload it to the site and share the link in the comments below.  While you're at it, create a collection of other great bridges from the around JPG site and share the link to your collection in the comment area below.

And here is to all your travels and the bridges that you'll cross, CHEERS!

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