WINNERS: Breasts... They Need Your Support!

Posted by Justin Case — 25 Oct 2012

As October draws to a close, so does National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

We asked our users to enter their images that promote breast cancer awareness and/or celebrate the beauty, strength, spirit and nurture threatened by the disease. We asked for entries that told a story of inspiration, of strength, of survival. Enter your images that are touching, humorous, sensual, perceptive... real.

As we're certain you'll all agree, the winning images met this challenge... and so much more as did, we're certain, the women they feature.

Untitled by Mary, Durante Wehrhahn

The LOVE Project by Lucia De Giovanni

mom by Reema Al-Zaben

Slash, Burn and Poison by Nancy Borowick

We greatly appreciate all the votes and the entries to support this contest and the great organizations working to eradicate the disease.  The amazing work submitted helps us all to realize that this is a terrible disease that is battled by truly inspiring real people and that any or all of us can be affected. Our thoughts are with anyone who is or has been battling cancer.

A portion of the proceeds from this contest will benefit these fine charities to help in the ongoing battle against this disease: Susan G. Komen for the Cure,, and Standup2cancer (su2c) - you can also visit these links directly to learn more and/or donate.

As always... Thanks for entering. Thanks for voting and ...

Happy Shooting~!

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