You've Been Fork'd

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Nov 2012

Sleek in design, this apparatus delivers the goods with full intent and purpose; the fork, in Latin: "furca".For such a simple design, it can be photographed in so many beautiful ways and angles.  Also, the fork has a bit of a history; in early Egypt, forks made of bronze were used to lift sacrifices in ceremonies.  In England, it was a utensil that was considered to be too effeminate to use, so fork use did not become commonplace until later in their history.  Present day American prisons do not allow prisoners to eat with forks, which are far more deadly as weapons than are the utensil's curved counterpart, the spoon. 

No matter how you use your fork, whether to hold down a piece of meat while carving or picking up bite sized morsels of your favorite vegan dish, just remember the fork has come a long way and in its simplistic shape designed for comfort, it is quite brilliant, useful and a fun tool to photograph.

Fork by Janee

Forks by Jean-François Dupuis

Forks by mia hippy

fork drops by amanda miller

More Fork by Mark Jenkins

fork #2 by Rebecca Stackhouse

Blue Fork. by Oliver Ruehl

Mysterion's Fork by Mark Stevers

Fork @ F/2.8 by György Schmidt

fork by Azhar Ahmad

Fork reflections by Ryan Murphy

Bouquet of forks by Marco Verheul

Post your favorite fork picture(s) to the site and share your image links in comments below. As you browse JPG, collect your favorites and post the link to your collection below.  If you simply want a unique challenge, grab your favorite camera and a fork and come up with some cool new ways to capture that simple tool.  Do something new with this handy dandy utensil and share below in the comment area.


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