If You Want Trouble... Find Yourself A Redhead!

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 21 Nov 2012

True Redheads are only about 1-2% of the world population.  There is a theory advanced by "Scotland's DNA Project"  that suggests that redheads can soak up more vitamin D on cloudy days than blonds or brunettes.  Perhaps this may explain Scotland's and Ireland's high population of redheads.  There is, however, a down side... redheads have a higher risk of melanoma cancer. 

Women with 'strands of fire' are said to be known for their quick temper and wild behavior.  This may be true for some... although many women with hair of a different color jump at the chance to be a faux firecracker; women can be wild, free and bold and just blame the color of their hair.

Throughout JPG, our members have submitted some amazing and beautiful redhead images...

nug. by Heather Noelle 

Pure Morning by Yasemin Kaya

Ariel by David Miller 

Lace. Tulle. Shoes. Lee. by Lee Loo La

Alena 2 by Adam Regan

the girl who played with fire by Sophia Do

Marisa - Red Hair by Aaron Lindberg

Danielle by Robin Douglas

Untitled by Bonnie Rodriguez

Untitled by Sheila Scott Carroll

Riverside by Brandi Brown

La Rousse by Jade Turnbull

Hair fire by kate kowald

Orange hair by Chris

Orange by Danielle Herzog

So whether natural or faux, empowered women, driven by fire we love your spark!

Let's Get Fired Up!!!

If you're a redhead, take your portrait, submit it to the site and share a link!  If you know a redhead that embodies the spirit the image imbues, take their portrait, submit to the site and post to the links below.  If you just find yourself admiring all the beautiful redheads on the site, please start a collection and make sure that you post the link below to the comment area.

Can't wait to see yours!

Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving to all!

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