NEW CONTEST - Holiday Cheer!

Posted by Justin Case — 29 Nov 2012

Having just recovered from the (US) Thanksgiving holiday feasting, we're gearing up, now, for that most anticipated of holiday seasons... the year-end celebrations comprised of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.


Regardless of what or how you celebrate, this is a time of year for family and friends to gather and share meals, exchange gifts and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Share with us your pictures of the feasts, celebrations, and seasonal cheer that make-up your holidays!


Be sure to enter early and often... share your pictures from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Years!

As always, the prize will grow with submissions (starting from $50) <i>and</i> you can enter images shot by other members (and get a chance to win 15% of the prize, if that image wins - while the original photographer will win 85%)</a>... so even if you don't have just the right entry among your gigabytes of images, get surfing through over 2.3 million images for those perfect shots and enter them to win in partnership with other JPG members!

The winner will get a little help with those holiday gift bills! ;)

Happy Holidays... and happy shooting~!

Don't forget to tag your photos for others to notice!


Tag on Twitter with #JPGHOLIDAYCHEER and don't forget to mention @jpgmag (wink wink)

If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or G+, Tag with #JPGHOLIDAYCHEER and linking back to the original blog or contest page will help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to contribute a photo too!

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