Photo Challenge: Extreme Weather and the Aftermath

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Nov 2012

Much destruction and heart ache was left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We would like to devote this challenge to the Extreme Weather from around the world and to the brave men,women, and children who face the struggles everyday trying to rebuilding their lives.

After Rain by Antonio Perrone

Untitled by Isabel

Hurricane Sandy by Tom Piorkowski

Summer Storm by John Hart

Still Standing by Norman Plude

Hurricane Sandy, Tarrytown, NY by Jaime Martorano

Skaha Park Blowdown by Drew Makepeace

Lightning sky by MJ Woods

Chasing Monsoon by Jenna Kim

Table For None by JamesHarmon McQuilkin

Dusted ! by Tom Phillips

The Frightened Farm by Matt Granz

Nothing left but our faith... by K C

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