Photo Challenge: The Trouble withTraveling

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Nov 2012

For this challenge it was about the burdens of travel. Long lines, stuffy planes, luggage all the things that are burdensome while trying to get to the destination that we want to go.

mass tourism by John Wolf

John, Dear? by Jesse McClear

Poor goat.... by Daniel Hermann

NY accident by Abdullateef Al-Fouraih

"Think I'll take the next train." by Hugh Talman

Traffic! by Rebecca Raber

Slow Going to Tuscany by Deborah Downes

Bus Trip to Nowhere by MindTheStep


Packing crisis by Alik Mos

Slightly lost, slightly raining by Cristina Pascu

waiting for the flight by Antonello Incagnone

The Friendlier Side of Greyhound by Mike Melnotte

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