Complementary Relationships: Study of the Color Wheel - Part 2

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Dec 2012

Purple and yellow are the focus colors of this second installment of three on complementary colors.  There are so many ways to bring out the dynamic in the subject in a photograph.  One of these ways is to pay particular attention to color and its impact in the photo.  Purple and yellow are across from each other on the color wheel, making them  complementary colors that present the shooter with infinite possibilities. Yellow and purple can be found everywhere, with particular abundance in nature.

Song of Flower by Belinda Grace

smoking tulip by Silviu Bondari

Bumble Bee Macadam by Stacey Debono

underneath by Nicole E.

Autumn Canopy by Christopher Boswell

Dirty Laundry by Cristie Schrader

Yellow and Purple Daisies by Jeff Lynch

Lotus Flower III by Lauren Coakley

wet. by Courtney Scalzo

Whether photographed separately or together, purple and yellow are great colors to capture - with vivid impact in your images.  Take a page from nature and capture some amazing yellow/purple complements or grab your favorite photo(s) of these colors from your files. Upload them to the site and share your links in the comments below.  If you have some time, browse all the amazing examples on JPG and create a collection and then share your collection link below.

Can't wait to see what you bring!

Be sure to check out Part 1, where we take a look at red and green!

UPDATE: Part 3 is also now up - check out blue and orange!

Happy Holidays Continue! ;)

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