Photo Challenge: All That Glitters and Sparkles.

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 23 Dec 2012

For this challenge it was all about the Glitter and Sparkle of the holiday season. Lots of lights, family, and holiday cheer bring this time of year to life. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

the aliens will come in disguise by niko niko

A Glass Of Sparkling Water by Mattia Pasotti

Rigging Up the Lights by Lily Szabo

Sensual Luxury by Pierre Simard

Xmas Meta by Mike Melnotte

All That Glitters is...? by Keld Bach

Free Spirit : Light by Cheryl Andrews

Merry Christmas, Baby by Al Gieryna

Christmas prayer by Lazarescu Costin

Twinkle by Andrea Siplova - Sidenstricker

Fire Wreath by Tim Wagenknecht

Grandmas's Carnival Glass by Rebecca Raber

A Christmas card by Susan Littlefield

My wish for you... by Joy B

Amongst Others by Traci Cottingham

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