Photo Challenge: What Goes Up, Must Come Down; Stairs

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 2 Dec 2012

For this challenge it was all about the different kinds of staircases there are; color, texture, shape, etc. Stairs can be captured at different angles, cropped, and playing with the light can change the over all mood.

Stairway by Hengki Koentjoro

Down the Rabbit Hole by Jessica Scanlon

Green Stairs by Carlos Phelps

heat tech by christa masters

@ by boland rotor

The Staircase Triptych by Zohar Lindenbaum

sitting down stairs by noor eva

NYC..... by Shirley Valencia

Untitled by Tim Peters

What goes up must come down by Amit Gupta

Untitled by MindTheStep

Lighthouse Labyrinth by Jeff Johannsen

Pompidou by Ma. Dolores Guillén Solís

Floating Stairs by Tomma Henckel

going up by Nabeel Alam

One moment of life by Jing Zhou

Being Koi by John Linton

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