What Could Be Sweeter?

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 5 Dec 2012

During the holidays there are so many things that one needs to achieve: shopping, entertaining and, of course, baking!  Around the holidays it is always fun to bake up the family traditions, build gingerbread houses and eat candy canes.  Even though it is tough to get all the fun in before it's over, its worth it to treat yourself and your family this holiday season.

Candy Canes by Madelyn Herring

Pfeffernüsse 2 by Mara Serdans

Almost Christmas Cookies by Summer Huggins

Gingerbread house by Valery Rizzo

Homemade Brown Sugar Cookies by Tina Swain

cupcakes for the neighbors by anya schneider

Cookie Batter by Nikki Gilkerson

Star Cookies by Tenoot

Joyce's Chocolate Chip Cookies by William Bunce

Chocolate by Billie-Jo Thibault

Christmas Cookies by Katie Gregory

Brown sugar by Tina Swain

While you're in the full swing of the holiday season, take a few moments and capture and upload your tasty treats to the site. Then, post the links below.... or start a collection of 'tasty' images from around the site and share the link to your collection in the comment area.  If you think your image or one you've found on the site can win our Holiday Cheer contest, why not enter it! Maybe you'll get lucky and win a bit of cash to help soothe the holiday shopping cash flow hangover!

Cant wait to sample your delectable assortment of goodies!

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