Complementary Relationships: Study of the Color Wheel - Part 3

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 9 Jan 2013

Blue and Orange are colors that transcend the subject and are very reminiscent of summertime and/or vacation.  Imagine if you will, a clear day on the beach with cool seas and a bright orange glow from the sun warming your body with the delights of relaxation.  Or, taking a walk down the street of some tropical town with buildings that are the color of vibrant azure and sorbet orange while calypso dances in the air.

Blue on Orange by Rob Schwander

blue and orange by Lydia Selk

Blue and Orange by Will Wohler

Swim by Leslie Brogan 

Orange Petals On Blue by Joan Powell

Dream by Craig Treadwell

up close in person by magdalena wysoczanska

If your planning an exotic getaway take your camera and capture orange and blue in the warmth of the sun. For an extra challenge, find it in the winter months and upload these images to the site and post your links below.  If you are browsing the rich colors of the JPG community and see an image or a few, start a collection and share it by posting the link!

Can't wait to see yours!

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