WINNERS: Believe In Heroes

Posted by Toby Morrison — 25 Jan 2013

There is no doubt that there are dozens of iconic images that come to mind when we speak of "heroes".  A hero can be a lifesaver or first responder, such as policemen, paramedics or firemen, soldiers, even teachers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, or moms and dads. 

On September 11th 2001, two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City.  On that day heroes from all over the city, all over the world, rushed to help those in need.  Twelve years later, images from that day may still burn the back of many of our minds.  It certainly comes as no surprise that the two winners of this photo contest both feature images of firemen. 



There were no shortage of amazing images submitted...  In the end we say CONGRATULATIONS to Jon Hodgson and Matt Dunn for having their photos being selected as the top two TOP photos in Photo Challenge: Believe In Heroes! 

WINNER! $80.00

Fire and Ice by Jon Hodgson

RUNNER UP: $40.00

"Important Rescue" by Matt Dunn

As an extension of our tribute to heroes JPG is also donating a portion of the contest entry proceeds to three of our favorite heroic charities.  While we had hoped this contest would have generated a much larger donation to these outstanding charities, we plan on hosting more contests with donations to other heroic charities.

Wounded Warrior Project    $20 donation

FDNY Foundation                 $20 donation

American Red Cross             $20 donation

Our goal in selecting these charities was to select organizations notionally tied to the events of 9/11, an anniversary of which was the start to the contest.  We are not passing judgment on any organization, nor are we advocating these over any other. There are many great charities that work to help our heroes. Please seek one out and see how you can help.

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